The Share button for Facebook lets people who interact with it add a personalized message to links before sharing on their timeline, in groups, or to their friends on the Facebook network.

The native Facebook button can include a count representing the number of times your current page has been shared on the Facebook network (not necessarily thanks to this specific button).
But it also load a JavaScript files that is not respectful of your privacy, nor your website performance.

Nobs - Sharing Buttons proposes a Facebook Sharing Button that is totally free of JavaScript and trackers. It uses what we call in the jargon a "HTTP service" that allows developers like us to share content on Facebook Network.

Facebook Button Design

Our Facebook Button is available in several designs for free directly shipped with the core plugin.

If you need more precise design for it, you can totally tweak it thanks to your WordPress Theme custom CSS section (in the Appearance menu), or you can give a try to our Skin Shop. Several different skins will be available at the launch, and tones of others will follow during the year.