LinkedIn is a professional network that helps you share your profile, CV, and experience to other professionals. It helps grow your audience and you can easily meet other professionals from your field, or related fields.

The Share button for LinkedIn lets professional people who interact with it add a personalized message into their timeline, and share a link from your post, to aknowledge with their own network.
But LinkedIn decided not to maintain it anymore. Instead of it, they invite developers to build their own.

Nobs - Share Buttons proposes a LinkedIn Sharing Button that is totally free of JavaScript and trackers. It uses a simple URL that leads to LinkedIn website and let people choose is they want to share with their network (making you grow your audience), or share via a Direct Message to someone specific, with maybe the oppotunity of a lead.

LinkedIn Button Design

Our LinkedIn Button is available in multiple shapes and visual effects, for free, directly shipped with the core plugin.

If you need more fancy or specific designs for it, you can totally tweak it thanks to your WordPress Theme custom CSS section (in the Appearance menu), or you can give a try to our Skin Shop. Several different skins will be available at the launch, and tones of others will follow during the year.

Any LinkedIn Share Counter?

Nope. Sorry.
LinkedIn doesn't have any official button. Don't expect an official counter. You will certainly cross path with some other services offering a counter for multiple social networks. Well, it's fake.
Discover why those social network counters are fake.