Nobs - Share Buttons proposes the most common social networks, but also some functional buttons for your readers: Print, Add To Bookmark, and Email.

With this WordPress Plugin you will be able to display a bunch of buttons. See the list below for the already available social network buttons.

With the new 2.0 version coming soon, you will get access to those new networks.

That's not all, we have a public roadmap where you can see the next buttons that will be added one step at a time after the publication of the 2.0 version. (end of 2020)

Any missing network you'd like us to cover for you? Have a look at our public roadmap, you can also open an issue or contact us on Twitter.

Button Design

Our plugin includes and maintain 8 free skins for your buttons. Various styles for free, but you can also check out our future Skin Shop, and stay tuned when this one will be open.

Sharing by email

Our plugin allows your readers to share your contents by email. We tweaked a little bit the usual "mailto" browser feature to allow your visitors to share to multiple friends or contacts with a customized message.

Oh, and we cover dark mode as well to respect your visitors preferences.