Nobs - Share Buttons is focused on performance, quality, privacy and accessibility. Even for "simple buttons", it's important to keep in mind that the plugin will have to coexist with other plugins and on different WordPress themes.

Performance of Social Sharing Buttons

To mesure the performance, there are several ways to do it. But the best way is to consider mesuring the page load on critical pages. For instance:

These page will be tested, loaded, with and without the plugin activated to measure the difference. Of course not only that will be checked. The amount of silent errors that produce a lot of log files in your server will be reduce to zero in my testing environments.

As my own environment is not always enough, I read your support ticket on the forum to optimize the code on different other environment.

The second thing I focus on about performance, is the JavaScript loading part. Most of the current social sharing plugins load a bunch of JS files that are not always useful, but also not really respectful of your privacy. (load trackers)

Quality of the Code, What are Those Buttons?

The quality is not easy to measure.
It's oftentime a group of different criteria related to personal goals or preferences.

My criteria are the following:

All of that will be crafted by hand to reach my own expectations, and I hope yours. But back to basics: those buttons are "simply" a bunch of links that use specific URLs. These URLs redirect to third-party services offered by some social networks, combined with qualitative CSS to style all of that.
Not all social networks offer this kind of service, unfortunately, making it hard to find a way to create a qualitative sharing button. For instance, Pinterest was one of the worst for several years. Lately, it has been a bit improved.

The Respect of Your Privacy

One of my concern regarding the existing solutions, is that by default, the buttons made by Twitter, Facebook, and other brands, use JavaScript that places a tracker on your web browser in order to better know your navigation habits, and use retargetting technique to push ads.

This described technique is common and most of the existing plugins and scripts to add buttons simply combine the constructor scripts, adding lots of trackers on your website.
This, is NOT respectful of your privacy, nor the privacy of your users.

Also, trackers mean issues regarding the European Laws: GDPR.

GDPR Compliant

If you use trackers on your website, you need to display a "GDPR Banner" that asks the authorization of the users for placing cookies or other sort of files on their computer. This is a legal obligation, otherwise you are not allowed to store data by default on their browser.

Nobs - Sharing Buttons solves this issue by simply storing 0 trackers. No need for cookies, no JS of any kind, no connexion with Facebook or Twitter servers. You are totally free and independant.


You may already know the principles of accessibility in the physical world, allow me this cliché: larger doors or access ramps to allow people in wheelchair accessing buildings. Know that you have rules and standards to respect in the web to allow people with disabilities to access your content.

Nobs - Sharing Buttons take care of the accessibility: the code is well structured, allowing people with screen-readers to access the buttons information, and the colors are almost all contrasted enough. Unfortunately, some brands like Twitter for instance use a brand color that is not contrasted enough. But for sure, when those brand will care about accessibility of their main colors, Nobs will be updated to match this accessibility criterium.