Twitter is a network where users share small pieces of text with a limited length (240 characters) for sharing their opinion, or simply have fun. Some of them uses as a professional network too, like LinkedIn.
You can also share video, gif or images.

The Official Twitter Share Button is a simple HTML link that proposes to pre-complete a tweet for you. Another one with more JavaScript also exists, but we won't recommend it.
For a long time, Twitter allowed you to get a share counter, but they finally ended it because it was to expensive to maintain it.

Nobs - Share Buttons proposes a Twitter Sharing Button that is totally free of JavaScript and trackers, and that is auto-completed with an extract of your post, your URL, but also your Twitter nickname to help you grow your audience on Twitter.

Twitter Button Design

Our Twitter Button offers a better design than the original one: bigger, better for touch (mobile) interaction, and more accessible. It is available in multiple shapes and visual effects, for free, immediatly shipped with our free WordPress plugin.

If you need more fancy designs for this Twitter Button, you can totally tweak it thanks to your WordPress Theme custom CSS section (in the Appearance menu), or you can give a try to our Skin Shop. Several different skins will be available at the launch of this shop, and tones of others will follow during the year.

Any Twitter Share Counter?

Nope. Twitter ended their own counter some years ago.
Twitter doesn't have share count anymore. You will certainly cross path with some other services offering a counter for multiple social networks. Well, it's fake, or really not accurate since the API is limited.
Discover why those social network counters are fake.