Nobs - Sharing Buttons is developed and maintained for free since 2012. Despite the fact that it's free, it comes with a lot of features from the admin area of your WordPress website, but also with tons of possibilities for developers.

8 Professional Button Skins

Skins, themes, I don't know how you call these. This plugin brings you, at the moment, 8 different visual aspects for your buttons. Tons of new original skins are coming soon, and for a cheap price!

See the Skin Shop

Smooth Drag & Drop Network Selection

Click, click, click, drag, done! Pretty simple, and also live! You reorder in your admin, the front is already up-to-date. Efficient, isn't it?

Custom Post Type Compatible

This Social Sharing plugin is already compatible with your existing or incoming custom post types. Just select the post type you wanna bring sharing buttons to, and you are done. You can also temporarily deactivate the buttons in a specific single post.

With or Without Text, you decide!

You've got this magical option where you decide weither or not you want to display the icons only, or keep the text on place. Your website, your choice! Your mouse on the button will play a smooth animation.

Compact mode. Make it small!

With this new option from version 2.0, you can make buttons smaller and a bit more compact if you prefer discrete layouts. And it's totally compatible with the hidden text option.

Independent Live Counters

More and more services like Facebook and Twitter are shutting down counters for their users and developers. From 2.0, counters are totally independent. They are real clicks on your buttons, and you own the numbers.

Choose the right place!

3 predefined options are available to display the set of buttons on your website. You can also choose to use the shortcode which allows you unlimited options. Several other predefined options are coming soon!

Developers Friendly

The documentation is rebuilt. Hooks and actions allows you to tweak almost everything. You can add custom buttons, or create your own skin. And if something's missing, contact me 😜

And other small things in the admin panel you will certainly love 💕