The Share API button is not well known, but it's a powerful tool to make people visiting your website share your content with an unlimited amount of applications.

Nobs is the only one WordPress plugin in 2021 that proposes this amazing feature!

This button uses modern web technology to mimic the behavior of native application. So it's performant, modern, and totally future proof: it works with all the compatible applications (WhatsApp, Facebook, Signal, Telegram, Snapchat, etc.) but also with future applications that don't exist yet.

How does it look like?

It looks like a simple button next to the others, and it opens a drawer with all you favorite applications, exactly like a native application installed on your device. Note: you won't see it on desktop browser (in opposition to mobile device browers) because most of browsers don't support it.

How does Share API button work?

This feature is totally secure, it uses a way to communicate information to your device, then the device handle the way the information should be used: no tracking, no spying on your personal information, you deserve that!

Nobs - Share Buttons proposes this Share API button for free, and is the only one on the market to propose this button. You'll make the difference!

Share API Button Design

Our Share API Button is available in several designs for free directly shipped with the core plugin.

If you need more precise design for it, you can totally tweak it thanks to your WordPress Theme custom CSS section (in the Appearance menu), or you can give a try to our Skin Shop. Several different skins will be available at the launch, and tones of others will follow during the year.